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DIY – Recipe
Image January 28, 2016 Educational Jason Cole

All the rage at the moment, these quick recipe videos like this one easily convey the step by step instructions that viewers need to do it themselves!

Educational Series
Image January 28, 2016 Educational Jason Cole

Providing your audience with ways in which they can utilize your product to help with everyday life is a popular choice among marketers right now. In this example, Sticky Wicket worked with Tractor Supply to develop an educational script and then demonstrated the project step-by-step for the viewer.

Video work for Small Business
Image January 28, 2016 Small Business Jason Cole

Working with Stacy Callahan of Blue Raddish was a lot of fun. From conceptualizing the idea to bringing it to life, Blue Raddish ended with an unique style of showcasing their store, which is right up their alley!

Image January 28, 2016 Art Jason Cole

This video to demonstrate how the process of how I create what I call my Pareidolic Artwork a.k.a. Dot Drawings or Dot Paintings. It’s a form of artwork in which I make a series of arbitrary dots on a page then I randomly connect the dots and look at the resulting shape until something emerges from that

Longform Educational Video
Image January 28, 2016 Uncategorized,Educational admin

Here’s a brief sample of a longform educational video